A Bit About Me

My name is Joseph Chaisson.

I was working at Turning Point, a non-profit organization working with adolescent who have drug and alcohol issues as well as criminal backgrounds. While working at Turning Point I realized that working with addiction, though highly important, was not for me. I then found out that there is a Sport Psychology occupation. I have been doing research and gearing my self towards that career.

Why Sports Psychology?

I have loved sports as long as I can remember. I have often fantasized about being a Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. There is one issue, I have no talent in sports at all (there could be an argument that I still could be a QB for the Dolphins). When I found out that there is a career out there that i could mingle two of my loves, sports and psychology I knew thats where I had to go.

My career goal is to work for either a Major League Baseball team or a National Football League team.

Personal Life

I reside Colorado, I have a beautiful wife an amazing son with another son on the way. I have a brother and sister in law who resides in Maine as well as my father and step mother, I have both a step sister and step brother. My mother just recently past away so  I am dedicating this journey to her. My family is my world.


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