First Week of School and The Red Sox

First week of school has past.

Trying to read everything that needs to be read, I have found to be a bit tough, fortunately my in-laws will be watching of Little Mister while Andrea and I get to read/study tomorrow, that after or before going to my moms house to get things organized.

Now my purpose here is not to give everyone a blow by blow account of how schooling is going. Though, when I do get my doctorate degree, that information can be very helpful to other students wanting to go to the same path.

This is will focus on Sports and Sports teams. And what better team to focus on then BOSTON RED SOXS.

Started out with one of there worst starts in franchise history. They currently hold number 1 spot in the east. And the conquered the Texans at home. This shows me that the Red Sox are on target to be a true competition in the playoffs, dear I say they could be the AL team to beat?

Right now the Red Sox have won there seires against the Yankees, knock on wood this continues. They conquered, at least this last series, against the Rangers. This is important because, besides game one, they dominated a team that consistently made the Red Sox look like Little League. That seiries showed fans that the Red Sox are able to look past major road blocks in the past. Hell I read an article stating the Red Sox would get swept because of how horrible they have done against reighning Al Championship team.

That alone could make a team suck due to their consistent failures in the past. But a team like the Rockies…


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