The Rockies and Being Mentally Tough

In march you will hear a couple things on TV. Spring is on the way, the start up of baseball and most importantly how the Colorado Rockies is favored to win the west. Then come September all you hear is the Yankees and football. Between March and September what happened to the Rockies, simply put the Rockies are a mentally weak team.
There’s reason why baseball analysts state the Rockies are favored to win the west and possible be NL reps to the world series, on paper the Rockies are a great team, all the players have shown the ability to make game changing plays, however once the season starts the Rockies show they are a mentally weak team, when the pitching suffers the offense chokes and are unable to hit, and vice versa.
The Rockies started off amazingly this year, having the best record in baseball, but then they came to a hurdle, fell and slowly got back up (I do not think they fully recovered). You can also see this with in games, as soon as something bad happens with in a Rockies they fold, they can never get them selves back into a game.
The fans do not help either, as majority of the Denver fans that call in to the local sportsnshow constantly state how the Rockies suck. They will not live up to anything.
Those two aspects to me are important ideas to a teams mental toughness. A team is a brain, you need all parts of the team to fully work. If a part of the team does not function right then there are issues that a rise. A fan analogy, you have the chance. To win seats behind home plate, you let a pessimist friend know this and the friend constantly tells you there is no way you will win those, to a mentally weak person they will fold and give up to a mentally tough person they will keep trying to win those seats, it’s the same thing for the Rockies.


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